Tuesday, March 20

Hastune Miku Eyes For Dollfie Dream

For a guide on now to make glass dome eyes click here.

Inuyasha Ball Jointed Doll Eyes

These eyes for perfect for Dollfie Dream, 24mm size eyes.
For a guide on now to make glass dome eyes click here.

Tuesday, February 20

Free Coloured Printable Scrabble Board

This board is 11.7" x 12.6". It can be printed on 14" x 17" paper. For printable non-coloured version of this board click here.

Wednesday, January 17

Perler Bead Anime Maid

Just finished this large perler bead project, 8 pegboards! The original artwork is by ibu_chuan on instagram. She makes such cute characters. Here is my perler pixel version of her maid character.

Tuesday, January 2

DIY Pop Can Roses!

Here is lovely article my grandmother saved for me from April 1977 issue of 'Woman's Day' magazine. It teaches you how to make a charming bouquet of roses from aluminum pop cans!