Friday, April 6

Princess Daisy Chibi

Title: Chibi Princess Daisy
Medium: Acrylic
Artist: Alina Yanta
Gift for my friend Josh.

Sunday, March 25

Where to Buy Blank DIY Dollfie Dream Eyes

On the hunt for the perfect pair of Animetic doll eyes? Not looking to mold silicone, and mix resins? Why not make some eyes yourself with a print out and a blank eyeball kit? (What? You can do that? Yes, you can!) These blank eye kits come with a white base and a clear dome. Now you can customize your doll to a million different ways! These blanks are available in different sizes but for me the hardest ones to find where the large eyes for 'Dollfie Dream'  at 22mm and 24mm.

Here is a list of sellers I found online to get you started:
Aliexpress Shop: Tea Azone. 8mm - 22mm, in sets of 26, for about $18-$20 USD (about 0.70 USD a pair) + free shipping
Pupapa. 8mm-24mm, $1.80 USD pair + free shipping

Ebay Shop: Hobby.Zone. 8mm-26mm, $3.39 USD + free shipping

Etsy Shop: SAEYECHIP 8mm - 26mm, $2.99 USD a pair + $5 shipping (Buy ten pair get two pair free)
Etsy Shop: MagicDIY. 8mm-26mm, $3.29 USD a pair + $6.50 shipping

DIY: "Faux Resin" eyes for BJD and Dollfie Dream

How to make your own fast and cheap Dollfie Dream Anime eyes using craft store  'Mod Podge Melts' and cabochon stickers, or 'Mod Podge Dimensional Magic'!

I found eye molds but they are round iris and not flat.. still looking for that mold from the video. I found a seller on Aliexpress willing to make this mold in 24mm with 13mm iris! Tea Azone

Tuesday, March 20

Hastune Miku Eyes For Dollfie Dream

For a guide on now to make glass dome eyes click here.

Inuyasha Ball Jointed Doll Eyes

These eyes for perfect for Dollfie Dream, 24mm size eyes.
For a guide on now to make glass dome eyes click here.

Tuesday, February 20

Free Coloured Printable Scrabble Board

This board is 11.7" x 12.6". It can be printed on 14" x 17" paper. For printable non-coloured version of this board click here.

Wednesday, January 17

Perler Bead Anime Maid

Just finished this large perler bead project, 8 pegboards! The original artwork is by ibu_chuan on instagram. She makes such cute characters. Here is my perler pixel version of her maid character.